Nbd just at the One Direction concert. #Harrycangetit @harrystyles

Nbd just at the One Direction concert. #Harrycangetit @harrystyles

Micheal Brown is being laid to rest today. The family has asked for a day of peace without protest during the funeral proceedings. #staywoke #insolidarity

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Do you have one song that you’re more proud of ?
- No, cause they’re all so different. What I’m proud of is the fact that we’ve been embraced for the reason we wanted to be embraced. When all the major labels were going to sign us, wich didn’t happen, in 2011, they came to my house ans said: ” You don’t know who you want to be, cause all your songs sound different from one other and you don’t know what you want to do ”. But I said that ” No, that’s what our generation is like. My generation doesn’t consume media in a linear way. It comes from everywhere. So why can’t there a band that represents that attitude musically? ”. They weren’t buying in to it. So then we put out the record ourselves ans millions of kids around the world really related to it. I’m just proud of that we had an idea and we stuck to it and it really is starting to pay off.

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some drag queens are a much better influence in young girls than some teen queen pop stars out there.

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